My story as an artist. Pivotal Moments. Memories. Narratives.

Age 2(ish). My parents telling the babysitter that I would sit and color for hours. No need to entertain me.

3rd grade. Art teacher instructed us to watercolor a portrait of "Lori", one of our peers. Lori sat patiently as we sketched her image, in our our image, in the lunchroom cafeteria of the school (that's where art class met at the time). I was very embarrassed by the result of my image. My Lori definitely didn’t look like the Lori in front of my eyes: my Lori had awkward bodily proportions and definitely had too many fingers. I, bashfully, turned in the portrait to the art teacher when class ended and wanted to slip out unnoticed. She replied, "This looks like a Picasso painting!". “Huh?” I thought and pondered the bizarre name, but I didn't ask any further questions. A bit later, I took the portrait home, my mom said, “Picasso!” Separately, my Dad commented, "Picasso!" He then bought me a book on the Spanish artist, and wrote inside "To my little Picasso.” 

My father buying me canvases, acrylic paint, and an easel.

Going over to see Kate, my neighbor to learn techniques and gain inspiration.

Age 12, I didn't receive the art award. My mom and I still resent this teacher. Stupid Van Gogh reproductions. 

My mom made sure that I was in all the best art classes the rest of my school career. 

Age 13, I sold my first painting for $100.

Age 14, I received the art award for the 8th grade class. I accepted it in a zebra-print dress.

Junior Year of high school. I began to despise art class. I listened to a lot of Weezer. I didn’t continue to AP art class. I didn’t pursue art in college.

My guitar teacher saw my paintings on the wall while giving me lessons. He said, "you should have an art show! I'll play music and you hang your art. Hence, I had an art show in Nashville on 12th South Ave in 2006, during time off from undergrad.

While purusuing the French language, I  didn’t touch a paint brush for 3 years.

Summer 2012, painted in my parents garage. Saved me from my insanity.

August 2013, I pursued art for the first time on my own. I decided to rent an artist studio belonging to the  "The Bread Box", an artist community conveniently housed in the building of West Sixth Brewing (a place where I already work as a bartender). In this tiny studio, I have and am currently pursuing many different avenues of art in an effort to find "my style". Under, "PROJECTS," you can witness all that has resulted as a result of my time in "The Bread Box."

August 2014, I bought a Canon 70d. Under "PHOTOGRAPHY" you can find my work as of yet.