Elizabeth SuZann fashion presentation: downtown nashville, tn

I arrive, (fashionably?) late at 6:30. A hostess checks me off the list. Only a few chicly dressed people have already arrived, sipping cocktails and chatting in couples or groups of 3. I take off my overcoat and proceed to gaze at the beautiful canvas closest to the coat rack. Written on the wall: "SEA CHANGE: Indexing The Conscious Moment. John Folsom." Letting the wall be my compass, I saunter in the direction of the next canvases and hug the perimeter of the room to observe the remainder of John Folsom's gorgeous paintings. I end at a pot of gold: a dressing room and a line of garments with THE CLOTHES. THE BEAUTIFUL, MINIMALLY DESIGNED LINE of ELIZABETH SUZANN. I WANT ALL OF THE FABRICS IN COLORS OF ANTI-COLOR:  MIDNIGHT BLUE. SAGE GREY. SOFT TAUPE. WARM CAMEL. IVORY. SOFT BLACK. DEEP BLACK. Then I turn the corner and see faces I know.  More and more people filter in...more faces that I know. Catch-up conversations. Inspiring conversations. Cocktails are had. Me: a chocolate, winter bourbon old fashion. The room is full. The rhythmic music becomes louder. 

At a specific moment in time, models emerge from the back room, bringing shape, life and coordination into the beautiful clothing separates that I previously met on hangers. The models filter out in choreographed sequence to walk to their designated markers: white cubed blocks. They ascend the blocks, transforming the art gallery into a fashion show, repurposing the white cubes that were vacant and seemed present for an art observer. The models stand stoically and stare straight ahead from above, looking into a different realm. Presenting themselves as statues in a museum or mannequins for display, I take advantage of this situation and invade their private space, taking pictures (which you can see below). How odd it must have felt to be in that siutation. Some smile. Some talk. Some remain steadfast as if unaware of me. They remained standing with such discipline for an hour. AN HOUR! almost as if it were a study in meditation. 

The models are then "released" and become humans again, walking around, talking, grabbing cocktails. Elizabeth punctuates the night with words of celebration and gratitude. People start to depart. I stay until the very end, waiting for some newly made friends to accompany me back to the shady alley of the parking lot. I take pictures from outside, capturing one of my favorite photos of Elise talking to Pap. We depart back to Parking Level "Ray Charles" aka level 2. I drive home, inspired and in awe. So very happy.  Full of mirth and inspiration. NOW GO VISIT ELIZABETH SUZANN'S SHOP AND EXPERIENCE THE SAME AWE!