Ring Pop, Louisville, KY

A fortnight ago, I went to Louisville for a spontaneous & energerizing 2-day trip. The first day involved a photoshoot with Maggie Lanham and friends, then relaxing with those friends while watching Friends Season 2 on a comfy couch. The friendly hosts had a candy bowl in which a Ring Pop was swimming, glittering and calling my name. I heard the call of the tacky, sugary accessory and relished this unexpected throwback of childhood nostalgia while simultaneously enjoying another bit of 90's sitcom nostalgia. After a few episodes of Friends, one of my friends noted just how much of a mark the Ring Pop left on my person: blue lips, blue-tinted teeth and a blue tongue. Even though the blue was comical, I aesthetically admired the unintentional make-up and icy lips. Hence, I saved the pop and used it the next day in a photo shoot in my cousins backyard--a yard that displays a very specific, family lifestyle which I do not live at all. This statement is supported by the contrast of my pleather-short hot pants outfit and the curated garden and pink swing. Yet, even though this setting wasn't what I had in mind for my ring-pop shoot, the colors of my outfit go perfectly with the colors of fall. In addition, I was able to use a filter from vsco cam that had never matched any natural aesthetic I was searching for, but with these specific colors and overcast weather, the filter seamlessly ironed out the oddity of the shoot and synthesized the colors & concept, making the photos appear as an intentional tableau of vintage-inspired, glamorized domesticity.