Rooftop Photoshoot Duel

Almost a month ago, I dropped by Tiffany's apartment for a spontaneous visit, as we hadn't seen each other in nearly 2 months-- It's crazy that two friends can live in the same "small" town, share similar routes and coordinates of interest, yet not see each other without making concerted effort. Anyway, I stopped by adorable abode and ended up waking her from a cat nap (sorry Tiffany!). We talked for a while, sharing adventures while we sat opposite of each other on her mirroring couches.

It just so happened that the same day, I was finishing up the Urban Outfitters guide to Lexington (see my post here or their post here), and I was needing some all-encompassing photos that represented the city. Tiffany has the perfect rooftop view with easy access that looks out over the charming downtown and "skyline". At the end of conversing, I hopped out to snap a few pics, while she stayed cozy, wrapped up on the couch. However, after snapping a few of the city from the invigorating viewpoint, I heard her sneak out onto the roof, and she started photographing me, photographing the city (it should be noted that I love anything META, or any subject teetering on a mise en abyme...

(all pictures above were taken by Tiffany Mitchell)

...I continued photographing Lexington, but for a moment, I turned the camera on Tiffany for a Rooftop Duel to capture her in her comfy jammies: something that's a rarity for the stunning fashion forward lady of Lexington [check out her Instagram (@tifforelie) and you'll know what I mean]. So, I relished seeing her in her most comfortable and found her to be just as striking and adorable. To refer back to the title of this blog, if this were, in fact, a Rooftop Photoshoot Duel, Tiffany would have definitely won the battle for all sorts of reasons. As you can see from above, she's such a talented photographer. Nevertheless, here are the few shots I managed to get of Tiffany. Also, I'm including some of the pictures of the city (the photos that I took while Tiffany was photographing me taking those photos --mise en abyme of sorts). 

(All photos below taken by me)

Ring Pop, Louisville, KY

A fortnight ago, I went to Louisville for a spontaneous & energerizing 2-day trip. The first day involved a photoshoot with Maggie Lanham and friends, then relaxing with those friends while watching Friends Season 2 on a comfy couch. The friendly hosts had a candy bowl in which a Ring Pop was swimming, glittering and calling my name. I heard the call of the tacky, sugary accessory and relished this unexpected throwback of childhood nostalgia while simultaneously enjoying another bit of 90's sitcom nostalgia. After a few episodes of Friends, one of my friends noted just how much of a mark the Ring Pop left on my person: blue lips, blue-tinted teeth and a blue tongue. Even though the blue was comical, I aesthetically admired the unintentional make-up and icy lips. Hence, I saved the pop and used it the next day in a photo shoot in my cousins backyard--a yard that displays a very specific, family lifestyle which I do not live at all. This statement is supported by the contrast of my pleather-short hot pants outfit and the curated garden and pink swing. Yet, even though this setting wasn't what I had in mind for my ring-pop shoot, the colors of my outfit go perfectly with the colors of fall. In addition, I was able to use a filter from vsco cam that had never matched any natural aesthetic I was searching for, but with these specific colors and overcast weather, the filter seamlessly ironed out the oddity of the shoot and synthesized the colors & concept, making the photos appear as an intentional tableau of vintage-inspired, glamorized domesticity.