West Sixth Brewing

The Vibrancy of September, Lexington, KY

Everywhere I turn, I see bold blues and greens, made more vibrant by the warm, orange sun casting its glow. September's weather has led to the most content of moods: one can be in the shadows and need a sweater; be in the sun and shred all the layers. Soon, coats and boots will make an appearance after a long slumber, and blues and greens will be ousted by their counterparts on the color wheel: orange, red and yellow. Some of the early birds of the warm color family have already been showing up to say hello and pave the way for the rest of their kin. Yet, for now, the cool, vibrant hues are enjoying their last bit of reign over the season. Here's some random stuff I've shot as an ode to these tranquil September hues. Shots are from West Sixth Brewing (my place of employment, my 2nd home in Lexington), the Henry Clay Estate, the High Street YMCA and then random places on my trajectory to and fro various destinations.