Halloween Weekend in Lexington, KY

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2014. 

Meredith's and Kristian's apartment. Me: Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate. Others: a very fashionable mummy, Irving and Rosalyn from American Hustle, Mario and Luigi, Twiggy...


 The house of Rian and Jacob-SQUARED . Me: Werewolf Bar Mitzvah from the party novelty song in 30 Rock. Others: Liz Lemon  as the Joker (Also from 30 rock), a terrifying Bozo the Clown, King and Queen of the Skeleton swamp Bayou (or something like that), a sexy Robber/ jailbird, a mime, a guy with a creepy mustache... 

Poppy Barley Brunch, Reed Valley Orchard, Paris, KY


Tiffany Mitchell (of Offbeat and Inspired) and her sister Rebecca invited me to the Poppy Barley Brunch held at Reed Valley Orchard this past Saturday (October 18). Poppy Barley sponsored the event, and all the hosts were booted in their beautifully, custom-made footwear (see below pics of Tiffany, Rebecca, Rachel and Elizabeth). Elizabeth Cauvel (runner up of this past season of Master Chef) prepared the scrumptious brunch menu, with ingredients sourced from Whole Foods Lex. Live music was provided by the delightful Molly Parden, hailing from my hometown of Nashville, TN. Other sponsors include Morris Book Shop of Lexington, Ruby & Mr. Getzy (they provided the tree-bark wood coaster party favors), Le Deauville French Bistro (the dishes and glassware), and Longwood Antique Woods (from whence hailed the beautiful wooden table).


Saturday morning, I wake up with little sleep after closing down the W6 brewery Friday night. In a fog, I scramble to drive to Paris, KY to find Reed Valley Orchard in order to brunch. After almost plowing over about 19 cyclists in the bike club who in return offered me free cider, I arrive, 20 minutes late to the Orchard and try to follow the directions given by Rebecca: "...walk straight down the gravel road until the last section of apple trees...there are little wooden signs in front of each lane of apples. You'll see a sign that says Fuji #29...".

I start walking down the little gravel road to see little municipalities of Apple trees, each populated by different cultivars of apples. "Where are the f***** FUJIs ??!?!?" I cuss to myself.  I frantically call everyone, because I feel terrible already being 20 minutes late, but, no one answered their phone, because they were knee deep in the most delicious hot cocoa that had ever touched their lips.

After visiting various incorrect apple municipalities, saying hello to their mayors, and wandering around in my now-muddied silver-heeled booties, I decide to go into the Reed Valley Orchard store to ask help in finding this Poppy Barley Brunch. Trudy (of course Trudy knew) at the front desk finally showed me a map and told me to go over the hill through the woods...

After a bit of a hike, I found the girls brunching between the Fuji Trees. I jumped right in, onto the vacant tree stump seat, my American Apparel thigh high socks getting stuck on the bark, and I started chowing down...MIAM! YUM! MIAM!

All this to say, I have no pictures of the beautiful brunch pre-feasting. As a result, you get more pictures of the crumbs. Nevertheless, even with my tardiness, this was one of the most magical, idyllic events I've ever experienced. I hope you enjoy the pictures...thank you so much to Tiffany and Rebecca for the invite. 

The Red River Gorge, KY

I'm not a nature girl. This, I'm sure, comes as no surprise. And I don't mean to dismiss the possibility of me becoming a human that desires to be away from urban areas. In fact, I aspire to become a camper, climber and all-around lover and pursuer of mother earth... so much so that, in my head, an element of becoming a self-actualized Sarah includes exhibiting characteristics of the aforementioned adventurer/ explorer. To put it simply, becoming more outdoorsy is something I want to acheive to be more complete as a human being. That being said, I will now admit to something that will underline, italisize and add exclamation points to the first sentence of this blog post. I am very ashamed about it, but I have admitted this shameful secret to others willingly, as if confessing my secret to faces displaying condemning looks would absolve some sort of the culpability and regret. Alas, here's the shameful secret: I have lived in Lexington, KY for 3 years and had never been to the Red River Gorge-- until exactly one week ago. I am about to leave Lexington along with two of my closet friends, Maggie and Duncan; so I made it a point to finally get out to the Gorge with these two. While there, we chose trails based on recommendations from a W6 customer: we hiked Rock Bridge, Chimney Rock, Princess Arch and finally Natural Bridge. The day finished at Miguel's eating incredible pizza that definitely lived up to all the hype. 'Twas a delight going to this natural beauty, and I plan on returning at least one more time before the end of this month. One step closer to becoming self-actualized Sarah. Here are the pics from the day: