Festival Livres et Musiques, Deauville, France, 2015

Hallelujah ! Can I get an AMEN that I was selected to photograph the Books and Music Festival for the city of Deauville (May 9th through 11th, 2015). Although I work here in Deauville as an elementary school English teacher, I got to moonlight as a photographer, as the city became a fan of my photography from all those damn hashtags of #Deauville photos I posted since arriving in January. So that's how I got this job...I know Richard Hell was confused as to why I was taking photos. 

Even better, Raphaëlle Rivière and Joanna Della Rosa, the organizers of this giant festival, gave me an opportunity to do pretty much exactly what I crave to do in life: creative freedom to photograph in a spontaneous manner, any way I see fit. All they really asked for were more relaxed, natural portraits of the invitees of the festival. Hence, I got to meet brilliant, interesting, and overall, just very chill, kind poets, writers, musicians, translators, artists. In essence, I was like, "Hey, what's up...I need to take photos of you. How about we just walk to the beach, talk and we'll see what happens." Because of this relaxed setting, we had great chats, I've got plenty of delightful anecdotes and I got to be amongst very inspiring people who have lived so many interesting lives. 

In order, I photographed...

  1. The opening of the festival with the band Adam H

  2. Adam H-- a band recently formed in Paris by Louisville native Adam. Other members are Jb Deucher and Jean-Charles Versari. Also photos of Adam's delightful wife (Marion Duvert)

  3. Nicolas Richard: Translator of many American/ English authors into French ( Jack Keroauc, Thomas Pynchon, Hunter S. Thomson, Woody Allen, etc.)

  4. Vincent Brunner : Journalist, Comic book author, Obsessor of Rock 'n Roll.

  5. Héloise Guay De Bellissen and Harold Colbert: Authors of Biographical novels on Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison respectively as well as many other novels

  6. Richard Hell: Musician, Songwriter, Author, Innovator of Punk 

  7. Theo Hakola: Musician, Singer/ songwriter, Author, Novelist, Playwright

  8. Sapphire: American Novelist, Author and performance poet

  9. Writer/ Scriptwriter Jean-Michel Dupont, Illustrator Mezzo: together they create comic books, including one I bought: an illustrated novel/ comic book in French on Mississippi Blues man Robert Johnson's life Love in Vain

  10. Julien Delmaire: Poet, Slammer, Writer

  11. Douglas Kennedy : American novelist who has had enormous success in France