Barista Parlor

Tiffany; Barista Parlor Alleyway; East Nashville, TN

Tiffany-- one of my really close friends who continues to get closer--was in Nashville (visiting from Lexington, KY) on a business trip. We met-up at Barista Parlor, take 2, to commence an all-hang out. We consumed pour over coffee, the best chocolate bars in your life and also digested some intense catch-up talks. We took a breather to step outside and document some beauty...including Tiffany looking as if she could be in That 70's Show with her long, flowy blond locks, her cape from Urban Outfitters, and these amazing, high-waisted Imogene and Willie Catherine jeans. In addition, there is an incredible mural, just behind the fenced-wall of Barista Parlor that takes you down an alley way. I had so many pictures of her that it was hard to decide what to post on Instagram. So I'm using this blog as an outlet to post and document as many as I can of this BEAUT!

Some things I love about Tiffany and our friendship:


  • motivating encouragement to actualize your own creativity and goals
  • use of emoticons and exclamation marks in all of her texts 
  • commitment and discipline to a healthy lifestyle
  • commitment to her family and relationships with her 2 sisters (I also have two sisters!)
  • walk or "strut"...even in grocery stores
  • unique approach to humor that reveals itself on Facebook and in storytelling
  • "Jersey" roots that also come out in subtle ways
  • enunciation of words like "mountains"
  • peanut butter cookies and bourbon hot cocoa with sea-salt maple whipped cream 


  • on our first night hanging out, I accidentally tripped her dancing on her roof and she slid down, almost falling off...BUT she was super cool and hilarious about it.
  • Hanging out with her is ALWAYS inspiring  
  • our first friend date was us getting our hair dyed together at Fleet Street (me going to bleach blonde!)
  • we both have an equal commitment to vulnerability, honesty and accountability in our friendship

Go visit her website here!