School Bus Land, Nashville, TN

On the Interstate, going 40E from my childhood home in Nashville. Sesame Street is playing on the DVD player in the backseat and through all speakers instead of my usual on satellite radio. Elmo is counting down from 10; I'm counting on the Frist Center to deliver my niece and me from afternoon crankiness. I glance back in the back; Annalise, my 2-year old niece, looks like a ragdoll--her head is hanging heavy and she starts snoring. I call my mom, her grandmother, for advice. "Keep driving so she get's a nap!" So I drive right past the Frist Center in downtown Nashville and purposely get lost. I end up au hasard on Interstate Blvd and see the Metro School Bus den, aka the Metropolitan Public Schools Transportation Center, but the official name takes all the magic out of it. Let us remember at it as the Magical School Bus Land: