Favorite JPG Offspring of 2015

I feel like I lived out of a suitcase for a majority this year, because, well, I did. I discarded A LOT of clothes that no longer would fit into a specific shape and weighted container or onto a specific shape and weight (hello sugar!). Simultaneously, I discarded beaucoup of images, as I lost my 1 TB external hard drive and the memory card kept shouting at me when it was at its limits— "SARAH, this is all I can do for you, no negotiations!" As a result, this FAVORITES OF 2015 post ended up being a FAVORITES OF a little more than half OF 2015 (January-July 2015)--the months where my feet were not on US soil,  the months where my camera was an appendage (still kinda is). 

As I narrowed-down thousands of pictures from my memory card, I realized that this "2015 in image review" mirrors my vision quest/ Pinterest exercise where I curated 4 pins from thousands that represent ME and then verbalized those images in 10 words. The words are as follows:

  1. relational
  2. raw
  3. insouciant
  4. dynamic
  5. bold
  6. voluptuous
  7. evocative
  8. droll
  9. ardent
  10. flirtatious. 

Indeed, these pictures reflect those 10 words. 2015 was the year of my vision-quest, and these photos display the verbalization of that lived research: my aesthetic and values.