Kenwick and E 3rd Street, Lexington, KY

People can say all they want about the falsities of Instagram and social media, but I, personally, can use Instagram as a rubric to grade/ note my current state of creativity, inspiration and mirth. "Posting frequently" = more personal time; more time to be inspired and look around. "Bright colors in pictures" = I've been hanging outside more, catching some rays, walking around the city. Last month in August, I took two weeks off to visit Nashville, Ft. Lauderdale with family and LA with friends. In conjunction, I had an incredible, creative photography explosion; I had just purchased my Canon 70d, and I was in the land of perfect weather and rich, bold, beautiful colors.  My joy, more-freckled/ tan skin, and adventurous spirit beamed through the photos on Instagram. Once I returned to Lexington, I had to get back to reality, and it was rough after experiencing such creative highs for 2 weeks. In addition, I fell ill and continue to be under the weather (going on a month now). ALL THIS TO SAY, I checked out an overview of my Instagram the other day, and saw a predominance of darker colors, less frequent posts, etc. I thought, "I MUST GO OUTSIDE and finally take pictures of those spots I notice/love on my bike ride to work." Et voilĂ . 

Around 6pm on September 16, I got on my bike to ride around and snap pictures at the golden hour. Fall has set in, but the sun is just as golden and bright. My stops included sunflowers growing in the garden of Victory Christian Church (Victory Ave), a warehouse next to Story Magazine on the corner of Richmond Ave and National Avenue, a E 3rd Street industrial site with these beautiful teal American pipes, barbed wire to protect the the JM Smucker/ Jiff Plant on Midland Pl, and finally, a building overgrown with ivy on the corner of Shopshire and E 3rd St. I then edited these on vsco cam with extreme, vibrant filters (primarily Hypebeast- H2). These filters made more bold the blues and colors, exaggerated a bit the contrast, and cast some deeper shadows. The results made me very happy, as I finally snapped places that I always thought, "I must photograph these places" on my bike ride home from West Sixth.