(Photos by Kate Sands; Instagram: @birchandpine)



As an artist, I bring many different dynamisms to a blank canvas. I am...

  1. TACTILE: I channel my viseral need to work with my hands rather than my head. I have many-a-time been accused of 'living in my head'. I have lived most of my life intellectually, taking the world in through analytical senses. Hence, this transformation of becoming a person who produces via physical work is cathartic and rejuvenating in a way that is inexplicable. I need to feel the canvas and the paint. All over me. I need you to feel the canvas, after my work has been done. This is why most of my pieces will be very texturized. I glob the paint on to produce uneven surface.
  2. TENSION:  When I paint, I am in constant negotiation between "LA FLAMME" (passion, love) and "L'ENNUI" (l'ennui, or a special type of boredom and malaise). I am terrified of both extremes, but I am primarily terrified of L'ennui. L'ennui doesn't just mean bored--it's a very specific type of boredom that I run from. It's a weighty, suffocating type of malaise. In my paintings, you will feel this tension from  trying to negotiate these two specific extremes.
  3. EVOCATEUR over PROVOCATEUR : I want to evoke. I want you to feel something--even if it's just a mood. Even if it's just a memory as fleeting as when Proust eats the Madeline.
  4. SUBVERSIVE: I largely operate on humor and agitation. This translates to seeing irony in everything. I inject this irony into my art, which then evolves into subversive in nature. You might laugh with a wry smile when you see my work. 
  5. HUCK FINN: I manifest my inner "boy" spirit who just wants to get dirty and throw things around. I am quite fond of the literary character of Huckleberry Finn and this obsession shows up in my life as I forever will be young and in the studio, as I always exist covered in paint. I like to wear the paint marks on my body like tattoos. I don't particularly want to wash them off until I have to.