Lindsay Ell, Sweetheart of the Rodeo Recreation; Nashville, TN / by Sarah Landolt

  • GOAL: Realize the album cover of The Byrds' "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" (1968) for a photoshoot and cover video for Lindsay Ell

  • INSPIRATION: OF COURSE, The Byrd's album, which is one of my favorite albums of all time AND was recorded in Nashville, TN // Nancy Sinatra mod gogo girl meets Nashville Rodeo-Loretta Lynn pin-up// Kelsey Sykes' flora inventions
  • DATE: December 27, 2014/ Place: John Frech's studio
  • Ideation, Realization, Execution// Photography, Styling, Backdrop: me, Sarah Hart Landolt
  • MODEL AND MUSICIAN: Lindsay Ell, country singer/songwriter extraordinaire// beautiful Twiggy/ Edie Sedgwick lookalike gone country
  • LAURELS: Flora and Fauna expert, Kelsey Louise Sykes (aka Old Time Feeling), who foraged, cut down and miraculously created 2, five-feet tall laurels--on Christmas day, no less
  • CLOTHING :ALL (including the western shaw) from Goodbuy Girls--one of my favorite vintage boutiques in Nashville, TN, who is run by Tayna Montana Coe (who also just released an amazing album, now available on iTunes and Spotify)

A MILLION HUGS AND THANK YOUS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED: Lindsay, Kelsey, John, Tanya, and my Father, GEORGE LANDOLT, who is greatly responsible, the person to thank for this project, due to his lethal combination of insight and foresight-- he foresaw that Lindsay and I set off creative explosions together. First coffee the two of us ever had was in mid-December: Sweetheart of the Rodeo was put into action within 30 minutes of knowing each other. A week and a half later resulted in the following...

Here's Lindsay Ell's video, her cover song of "You're Still on My Mind"