Sarah, at Barista Parlor, East Nashville, TN / by Sarah Landolt

Barista Parlor. Same day as my last post, where I was photographing Tiffany.  Btw, it was because of her that this spontaneous photoshoot duel took place, which led to 2 blog posts! At the time, we were simply sitting at Barista Parlor, drinking coffee and talking about documenting my style. She spontaneously said with encouragement, "Why don't we just go outside and do a shoot of you now!" And this is what happened with me being on the other side of the lens:

So here, I am in front of the lens, not behind it. Both sides hold equal importance in my life-- photographer and "model". I cannot say, however, that I feel equally as comfortable on both sides; it took me a moment to warm up. I was wearing a lot of flowy fabric...something I normally try to avoid, because of my hourglass figure. With such curves, I feel it's necessary to accentuate my certain shapes, and flowy fabrics can camouflage or "boxify" these shapes in photographs. Tiffany gave me direction to make an "S" shape with my body, and I was 100% unable to do so. Instead, I tensed up my body into awkward punctuation marks instead of the slinky "S". Despite complications and discomfort such as these, I do feel that a depth of me naturally shows up and is revealed by being in front of a camera, that may not be noticed in real life. This can only be captured, of course, by incredible photographers like Tiffany from Offbeat and Inspired, and because of her, the photos turned out BEAUTIFUL.

Also, I must mention the beauty and aesthetic of the surroundings. I have been obsessed with Barista Parlor as a place to work since I  temporarily moved back to Nashville. Although it's quite a drive from my house in West Nashville, the time in the car is worth the mental and physical space that the shop provides, both inside the Parlor and outside (the photo from above is from the outside seating area). In these pictures, we wandered the alley on the other side of the wall that fences in the Parlor to photograph in front of this amazing stretch of gratified walls. I LOVE street art and graffitied art, and this wall satiates my desire to admire this specific type of expressive art. As you walk along the wall, one mural turns into another,  unfolding more and more colors and shapes to reveal beauty and humor -- King of the Hill characters appear and remind you to not take yourself too seriously, especially when posing and modeling in broad daylight.  In addition, this vintage Ford, hunter-green truck sits, parked in the adjacent yard-- a car that I would kill to own and drive if I didn't have to deal with the mechanical problems of the vintage beauty. I guess I'll have to settle for possesing these photos of me and my hat in front of the Ford instead. 

Outfit details: 

  • Vintage Leather Cowboy Hat:  Local Honey Nashville Vintage Store 
  • Silk Crepe, hand drawn Geometric Scarf: Emerald Grippa
  • Golden Arrowed Stretchy Belt: My mom! Almost everyday I wear something from my mom's closet from way back in the day. As I am writing this, I am wearing her vintage western scarf.
  • Multi-functional Tie Black top/ Dress: Complex Geometries  bought from Totokaelo. Complex Geometries is an incredible brand and shop out of Vancouver with minimilast, modern, multi-functional fashion
  • Soft Creme Silk cape: Talbot's, from the days where my mother worked here
  • Black Shiny Nylon Tricot Leggings: American Apparel ; I have had these leggings for almost three years and I am still in love with them and their sheen.
  • Black Leather Ankle Booties: Rachel Comey-- an incredible shoe designer. I would have all Rachel Comey ankle booties if I could.
  • Sterling Silver bracelets: Given to me by one of my best friends Kelsey Sykes
  • Turquoise ring: Moon Pi, bought at Imogene & Willie during a pop-up show. Each stone and ring is unique! Hand made out of LA.

And here are the rest of the photos Tiffany took. Please check her out, because she's an incredible photographer and artist.