I + W holiday party, marathon village; nashville, tn / by Sarah Landolt

If you know me at all, you know I love Imogene + Willie--I own enough pairs of pants, shirts and accessories from this Nashville Company to last a lifetime: 4 pairs of Elizabeth high-waisted jeans among the collection. 

Although I'm from Nashville, TN,  since I+W opened on 12th South, I've lived elsewhere: in Lexington, KY for 3 years, and before that France for 14 months. However, every time I came back home, I always had to visit Imogene + Willie, as if the boutique were an admired friend that I had to go see-- to note how she's changed and to see what's new in her life. Over my four years of shopping there, I have always been greeted warmly by the laid-back employees--something I cherished to the point that I brought them a six-pack of West Sixth IPA to drink on "Beer Fridays." Just recently, their manager Peggy Sue went above and beyond and provided me with a killer guide to her hometown in Chicago while I was visiting a few weeks ago.


In sum, I celebrate I + W enough on my own--[1] firstly because I finally found jeans that will fit nicely over my largesse, i.e. curves (something that had never happened previously); [2] secondly--because of who they are and because of what experience/ ambience they bring.

All that being said, a few weeks ago, I received an email of the following, inviting me to join them in celebrating for a Holiday Party at their warehouse--a place I had yet to visit. 

As you can ascertain from above, I, of course, had to go. The day of, I asked the aforementioned Peggy Sue for advice on what "fancy dress" meant; because I had a feeling that my fancy was different from a Nashville jeans company fancy. She encouraged me to do it up, so I came as I would in my fancy version--with a red-sequined, long-sleeved mini dress. As I imagined, the I + W guest version of fancy was not at all like my "Fran Drescher on the Nanny" looking version. The discrepancy of outfits did not stop me from enjoying the festivities though...I very much enjoyed the complimentary Nashville beer from Yazoo, the sugar cookies and the decor.  Oh! The decor:  the warehouse was beautiful in that specific, very I + W aesthetic...with lots of candles, motorcycles, leather, wood, neutral tones, and of course denim. Yet, more than anything, I had so many hospitable conversations and dances with lovely people. A much deserved thank you to the DJ for playing Luda songs that I haven't heard since high school. It was an unexpected LudaChristmas at I + W-- thank you for the merriment and cheer!